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Terms and Use

Terms and Use

General Terms and Conditions

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions ("GTC") govern your rights and obligations when using the services provided by Legacy Prop Trading, a company based in the United States ("we," "our," or the "Provider").

1.2 By registering on the Website or using the services for the first time, you enter into a contractual agreement with the Provider. These GTC constitute an essential part of the contract, and by accepting the agreement, you express your consent to these GTC.

1.3 The services are available only to individuals aged 18 years or older residing in countries where the services are accessible. By registering on the Website, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. If you are below 18 years of age, you may not use the services. You agree to access and utilize the services in compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the country from which you access the services.

1.4 The services offered include tools for simulated foreign exchange trading on the FX market or other financial instruments, provision of analytical tools, training and educational materials, and additional supplementary services via the Client Section or access to third-party applications. The simulated trading utilizes financial market information, but it is important to note that any trading performed through the services is not real. The funds provided for demo trading are fictitious, and you have no ownership rights over these fictitious funds beyond their usage within the services. These funds cannot be used for actual trading, and you will not be entitled to any payments based on the outcome of your simulated trading. Similarly, you are not obligated to make any payments for losses.

1.5 None of the services provided by the Provider constitute investment services as defined by relevant laws. The Provider does not provide guidance, instructions, or advice on executing transactions when using the services. Nor does the Provider accept any such guidance or instructions from you. The services do not offer investment advice or recommendations. The Provider's employees, staff, and representatives are not authorized to provide investment advice or recommendations. If any information or statement from the Provider's personnel is mistakenly interpreted as investment advice or recommendations, the Provider explicitly disclaims such interpretations and will not be responsible for them.

1.6 Your personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Legacy Prop Trading.

1.7 Definitions, expressions, and abbreviations used in these GTC can be found in clause 18.

2.1 To access our services, you can place an order through our website by completing the appropriate registration or order form. After registration, you will receive login details to access the Client Section and/or Trading Platform.

2.2 Our services encompass the FX Trading Challenge, Verification, and related products. The scope of services may vary based on the chosen product, including the availability of analytical tools. You can use some services within a limited scope and for a limited time during the Free Trial. However, completion of the Free Trial does not grant access to other services.

2.3 When registering or using our services, you must provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. You are responsible for updating your data promptly if any changes occur. We are not obligated to verify the data you provide.

2.4 If you provide an identification number, tax registration number, or similar information or state that you are a legal entity, you will be considered an entrepreneur (trader) for the purposes of these GTC and when using our services. Consumer rights granted by these GTC or applicable laws will not apply to entrepreneurs (traders).

2.5 The fee for the FX Trading Challenge varies depending on the chosen option, considering factors such as initial capital, acceptable risk, and other configurations. Detailed information on options and fees is available on our website and Client Section. We reserve the right to provide our services under individually agreed conditions. The final fee is determined based on the option selected during the order process.

2.6 The fee grants you access to our services. We do not offer refunds for the fee, even if you cancel your Client Section or terminate the use of our services prematurely, fail to meet the conditions of the FX Trading Challenge or Verification, or violate these GTC.

2.7 Making unjustifiable complaints or disputes regarding the paid fee with your bank or payment service provider may result in us stopping the provision of services and considering legal action.

2.8 The FX Trading Challenge option selected also applies to the subsequent Verification. You must begin the subsequent Verification and other related products with the same parameters and currency as the FX Trading Challenge option chosen. Once a selection is made, it cannot be changed. However, these restrictions do not apply if you order a new FX Trading Challenge.

2.9 We reserve the right to unilaterally change the fees and parameters of our services at any time, including successful completion parameters. Changes do not affect services purchased before the notification of such changes.

2.10 You can review, correct, and modify any data entered in the order form until the order becomes binding. The order process is completed by submitting the order form. We will confirm the receipt of your order via email. The contract between you and us is executed upon payment of the fee for the selected FX Trading Challenge option. The contract is concluded in English, and we retain an electronic archive of it without granting access.

2.11 To utilize our services, you must possess appropriate technical equipment and software, including third-party software. You are responsible for purchasing and maintaining such equipment and software at your own risk and expense. We do not guarantee compatibility of our services with any specific equipment or software. No additional fees are charged for internet connection.

2.12 When using trading platforms operated by third parties, their terms and conditions and privacy policies apply. You must read and accept those terms and conditions and privacy policies before submitting an order form.

2.13 We may communicate important notifications to you through various communication channels.

3.1 The fees for the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge options are denoted in USD but can also be paid in other currencies listed on our website. If payment is made in a currency other than the one chosen on the website, the amount will be converted based on the prevailing exchange rates.

3.2 All service charges include applicable taxes. If you are an entrepreneur (trader), you are responsible for fulfilling your tax obligations in connection with using our services in accordance with applicable laws and for paying any required taxes or fees.

3.3 Payment for the selected option of the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge can be made via payment card, bank transfer, or other payment methods currently available on our website.

3.4 Payments made via payment card or express payment method are processed immediately. If you choose bank transfer, we will send you an electronic proforma invoice with the fee amount for your selected option, and you must pay the amount within the specified period. The fee is considered paid only upon its full amount being credited to our account. Failure to make timely payments may result in order cancellation. You are responsible for all fees charged by the selected payment service provider and must ensure full payment for your selected Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge.

4.1 Each Customer is allowed to maintain only one Client Section. Managing two or more will result in your duplicate account being terminated.

4.2 The total number of Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenges and Verifications per one Client Section may be limited based on the total sum of the initial capital amounts of the products ordered by the Customer or on the basis of other parameters. You can only have a total amount of $400k in live simulated trading. You are allowed to trade as many accounts as you'd like but if you buy over $400k challenges and you pass all the accounts passed after $400k will be bookmarked until you are under $400k. Unless the Provider grants an exception to the Customer, the initial capital amounts may not be transferred between the individual products or combined in any way. The Customer is also not permitted to transfer or combine their performance, Service parameters, data, or any other information between the products.

4.3 Access to the Client Section and Trading Platform is protected by login data, which the Customer must not share with any third party. Legacy does not give the Customer authority to register as a legal entity. The Customer is responsible for all activities that are performed through their Client Section or Trading Platform. The Provider is not responsible for any misuse of the Client Section, Trading Platform, or any part of the Services, nor is the Provider responsible for any negative consequences thereof for the Customer if such misuse occurs for any reason on the part of the Customer. Occasionally the provider will give themself access to assist or monitor dashboard functionalities.

4.4 The Customer acknowledges that the Services may not be available around the clock, particularly with respect to maintenance, upgrades, or any other reasons. The Provider is not responsible, and the Customer is not entitled to any compensation, for the unavailability of the Client Section or Trading Platform, or for any damage or loss of any data or other content that the Customer uploads, transfers, or saves through the Client Section or Trading Platform.

4.5 The Customer may at any time request the cancellation of the Client Section by sending an email to Sending a request for the cancellation of the Client Section is considered a request for termination of the contract by the Customer, with the Customer being no longer entitled to use the Services, including the Client Section and Trading Platform. The Provider will immediately confirm the receipt of the request to the Customer by email, whereby the contractual relationship between the Customer and the Provider will be terminated. In such a case, the Customer is not entitled to any refund of the fees already paid or costs otherwise incurred.

5.1 During simulational demo or live trading on the Trading Platform provided by Legacy Prop Trading, you may perform any transactions, except for those that constitute forbidden trading strategies or practices as defined in clause 5.4 You also agree to follow good market standard rules and practices for trading on financial markets, including risk management rules. Please note that restrictions may also be imposed by the trading conditions of the Trading Platform that you have selected for trading.
5.2. You acknowledge that Legacy Prop Trading has access to information about the simulational demo and live trades that you perform on the Trading Platform. By using the Trading Platform, you grant Legacy Prop Trading your consent to share this information with persons or entities who are in a group with Legacy Prop Trading or who are otherwise affiliated with Legacy Prop Trading, and you authorize them to handle this information at their own discretion. You agree that these activities may be performed automatically without any further consent, consultation, or approval on your part is necessary, and that you are not entitled to any remuneration or revenue associated with the use of the data by Legacy Prop Trading. Legacy Prop Trading is aware that you do not provide them with any investment advice or recommendations through your demo trading. You may suspend your demo trading on the Trading Platform at any time.

5.3. Legacy Prop Trading bears no responsibility for the information displayed on the Trading Platform, nor for any interruption, delay, or inaccuracy in the market information displayed through your Client Section.

5.4. Trading on the live simulation account carelessly, recklessly, or with an excessive number of transactions. Example: Initiating more than three trades with a position size 1x to 2x larger than previous trades or stacking the same size with 3 or more positions on the same pair.
Utilizing insider information or abusing such information for trading on the live simulation account.
Manipulating the market while trading on the live simulation account.
Employing electronic or other means to disrupt the price-setting mechanism or trading on the live simulation account.
Executing orders primarily to induce a price movement on the live simulation account.
Engaging in fictitious transactions or fraudulent actions on the live simulation account.
Exploiting errors in the Trading Platform or in the provision of services or related information on the live simulation account.
Trading using third-party accounts or exchanging or accepting compensation or rewards for trading on the live simulation account.
Engaging in scalping trading on a live simulation account, defined as conducting very short-term trades to profit from minor price movements, is prohibited on our platform. Trades lasting less than 1 minute and less are considered scalp trading and are not allowed. This will be viewed as a minor violation and will not lead to the account being disqualified, but the trade will be discarded if profitable. Losses will be retained on the account.

Using a VPN  on your live simulation account will result in the account being violated/terminated.
Forbidden Expert Advisors (EAs) include:

EAs are designed to exploit price fluctuations during news events through rapid scalping trades.
EAs aimed at capitalizing on price differences between markets or brokers, using reverse trading or latency-related strategies.
Any form of reverse mirror trading EA that conducts inverse trades from one account to another.
Bots engaged in extremely high-speed trading based on tick-level price movements.
EAs created to take advantage of a demo server environment.
Simultaneously opening multiple positions for the same instrument in the same direction beyond allowed limits, such as initiating three simultaneous XAU buy trades, simultaneous trades lot sizes will be added together for consistency rule purposes.

Hedging or executing reverse trades within a single account is permissible. However, performing such actions across different accounts and account owners is strictly forbidden. Opening a sell trade on one account and a buy trade on another account for the same pair is not acceptable.

Group hedging, involving individuals opening opposing positions across one or several proprietary firms to ensure that one position always wins, is strictly prohibited. Any accounts identified as participating in this practice will face immediate suspension or banning.

Consistency Rule for Withdrawals:

Traders are required to actively participate for a minimum of 5 trading days before eligibility for each withdrawal.  Strategy must be consistent and not used to fill any minimum trading days.
Trading history will undergo a comprehensive review upon withdrawal request.
The account balance will be adjusted for any trades that fall outside of your designated trading range.
Determining Your Trading Range:

Calculate your average trade size by dividing the total lot volume traded by the number of executed trades.
Example: For a total of 100 lots traded and 50 trades executed, the average lot size equals 2 lots.
Establish your trading range as follows: Bottom of Range = Average Lot Size x 0.25, Top of Range = Average Lot Size x 2.00.
For the example given, the range would be 0.5 to 4 lots.
Trades must fall within this range. Any negative trades outside this range will not be removed from consideration.
No single trade is allowed to constitute more than 50% of your total profit, ensuring a diversified and balanced trading approach.
5.5. Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to cancel any demo trade if the Provider has reasonable grounds to suspect that it constitutes a violation of the rules in clause 5.1 or 5.4.

5.6. Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to unilaterally terminate your demo trading and your use of the Services at any time, without the need to state any reasons. In such a case, you are not entitled to any refund of the fees already paid or costs otherwise incurred.

6.1. During the demo trading period, customers are strictly prohibited from:
Intentionally or unintentionally employing trading strategies that exploit errors in our services, such as price display inaccuracies or delayed updates.
6.2. Executing trades in collaboration with others, including connected accounts or accounts held with different entities of Legacy Prop Trading, with the aim of manipulating trading, for instance, by simultaneously entering opposing positions.

6.3. Conducting trades that contradict the terms and conditions set forth by Legacy Prop Trading and the trading platform.

6.4. Engaging in trades that deviate from the standard practices of trading in the FX market or any other financial market, or in a manner that raises legitimate concerns that Legacy Prop Trading may suffer financial or other harm as a result of the customer's activities.

6.5. Additionally, customers must not exploit our services by engaging in trades without applying market standard risk management rules for trading on financial markets. This includes, but is not limited to, the following practices:

6.6. Opening significantly larger position sizes compared to the customer's other trades, whether on this account or any other account held by the customer.

6.7. Opening a significantly smaller or larger number of positions compared to the customer's other trades, whether on this account or any other account held by the customer.

6.8. Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, whether specific trades, practices, strategies, or situations are considered Forbidden Trading Practices.

7.1 If a customer is found to have engaged in any of the Forbidden Trading Practices described in clause 6:
7.2 Legacy Prop Trading may deem it as a failure to meet the conditions of the particular Legacy Prop Trading Challenge or Verification.

7.3. Legacy Prop Trading may exclude transactions that violate the prohibition from the customer's trading history and/or not consider their results in the profits and/or losses achieved during the demo trading.

7.4. Legacy Prop Trading may immediately terminate all services provided to the customer and subsequently terminate this Agreement.

In the event that some or all Forbidden Trading Practices are executed on one or more Legacy Prop Trading Challenge and Verification accounts of one customer, accounts of various customers, or a combination of trading through Legacy Prop Trading Challenge and Verification accounts and Legacy Prop Trading Trader accounts, Legacy Prop Trading has the right to cancel all services and terminate all respective contracts related to any and all customer's Legacy Prop Trading Challenge and Verification accounts. Legacy Prop Trading may exercise any and all actions as mentioned in Clauses 6 and 7 at its sole discretion.

9.1 If any Legacy Prop Trading Trader accounts were used for or were involved in the Forbidden Trading Practices, this may constitute a breach of the respective terms and conditions for the Legacy Prop Trading Trader account with a third-party provider, leading to the cancellation of all such user accounts and termination of respective agreements by the third-party provider.

10.1. If a customer repeatedly engages in practices described in clause 5.4 and has been previously notified by Legacy Prop Trading, Legacy Prop Trading may prevent the customer from accessing all services or their parts, including access to the Client Section and Trading Platform, without any compensation.

11.1 Customers are prohibited from trading from multiple IP addresses, trading from another trader's account, trading with a group via in-person or online meetings, or sharing their account information to pass account challenges. Any violation of this clause will result in the immediate termination of all services provided to the customer and the termination of this Agreement.

12.1 Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to update and modify the rules of demo trading at any time without prior notice to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to review and comply with the latest version of the rules.

13.1 Customers acknowledge that trading on financial markets involves significant risks and may result in substantial losses. Customers agree to assume full responsibility for their trading decisions and any resulting loses, LPT will not hold the trader responsible and LPT is also not responsible for any loses that may occur. 

14.1 Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to terminate the customer's access to the Trading Platform and Client Section at any time for any reason without prior notice. The customer is not entitled to any compensation or refund in such cases.

LEGACY PROP TRADING TRADING CHALLENGES (1 Step Challenge, 2 Step Challenge, HFT 1 Step Challenge)
15.1. Upon payment of the fee for the selected option of the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge, the customer will receive the relevant login details for the Trading Platform at the email address provided by the customer or in the Client Section. 15.2 The customer activates the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge by initiating the first demo trade in the Trading Platform.
15.3 If you are a consumer, you acknowledge that, by initiating the first demo trade, you expressly request Legacy Prop Trading to complete the services before the expiry of the period for withdrawal from the contract, which affects your right to withdraw from the contract.
15.4. Failure to activate the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge within 30 calendar days of its availability will result in suspension of access. If beyond 30 days, the trader forfeits the account and is not entitled to a refund.   The Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge lasts for 30 calendar days from the date of activation in an inactive state; otherwise, the challenge has no time limits as long as the trader remains active in operation while working to meet the parameters.

15.5. In order to meet the conditions of the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge, customers must fulfill all of the following parameters simultaneously by the end of the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge:

15.6. During the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge, the customer must have initiated at least one demo trade on 1 calendar day before meeting the profit targets.

15.7. On none of the calendar days during the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge, the customer must report a loss on any demo trades initiated and closed on that day, which would exceed the percentage of the capital for the respective option as described below:

15.8. Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge: A daily loss of 4% of the account balance or highest point of equity on a given trading day.

15.9. At no point during the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge should the customer report a cumulative loss on any initiated and closed demo transactions, which would exceed the percentage of the initial capital for the respective option as described below:

15.10. Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge: A total loss of 8% of the balance (Trailing to all balance sizes) or highest point of equity on a given trading day.

15.11. During the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge, the customer must report a total profit on all closed demo trades amounting to at least the percentage of the initial capital for the respective option as described below:

15.12. Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge: A total profit of 8% of the initial capital.  HFT profit target of 10%

15.13. More detailed explanations of the above parameters can be found on the website and in the Client Section.

15.14. If the customer has fulfilled the conditions of the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge as specified in clause 6.2 and has not violated these General Terms and Conditions, particularly the rules of demo trading, Legacy Prop Trading will evaluate the 15.15. Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge as successful and will provide access to the Funded Stage to the customer by sending login details to the customer's email address or Client Section. The customer may request the evaluation of the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge at any time by sending a request to or via the Client Section. Legacy Prop Trading is not obligated to evaluate.

If the customer successfully completes the Legacy Prop Trading Trading Challenge, they may be offered a contract by a third-party company, at their discretion, to participate in the Legacy Prop Trading Trader Program (Funded Stage). The terms and conditions of this agreement are solely between the customer and the third-party company, and Legacy Prop Trading is not involved in any way. The contract will outline the details of the funded stage, including its operations and terms. We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, or edit content at our discretion. Our services are intended for the sole use of the client, and the client is not permitted to allow any third-party individuals or professionals to access their account or to access third-party accounts themselves.

16.1. The Legacy Prop Trading website, as well as all of its services, including the Client Section, their appearance, and all applications, data, information, multimedia elements such as texts, drawings, graphics, design, icons, images, audio and video samples, and any other content that may form the website and the services (collectively as the “Content”), are subject to legal protection pursuant to copyright laws and other legal regulations and are the property of Legacy Prop Trading or Legacy Prop Trading’s licensors. Legacy Prop Trading grants you limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-passable, and revocable permission to use the Content for the purpose of using the Services for your personal use and in accordance with the purpose for which the Services are provided. The Content is not sold or otherwise transferred to you and remains the property of Legacy Prop Trading or Legacy Prop Trading’s licensors.
16.2. All trademarks, logos, trade names, and other designations are the property of Legacy Prop Trading or Legacy Prop Trading’s licensors, and Legacy Prop Trading does not grant you any authorization to use them.

16.3. Both the Customer and Legacy Prop Trading undertake to act in accordance with the principles of fair dealing in the performance of the contract and in mutual negotiations and, in particular, not to damage the good reputation and legitimate interests of the other party. The Customer and Legacy Prop Trading will resolve any possible disagreements or disputes between them in accordance with these GTC and the applicable law.

16.4. Except for the rights expressly set out in these GTC, Legacy Prop Trading does not grant you any other rights relating to the Services and other Content. You may only use the Services and other Content as set out in these GTC.

16.5. When accessing the Services and other Content, the following is prohibited:

16.5.1. To use any tools that may adversely affect the operation of the website and Services or that would be intended to take advantage of errors, bugs, or other deficiencies of the website and Services;

16.5.2. To circumvent geographical restrictions of availability or any other technical restrictions;

16.5.3. To make copies or backups of the website and other Content;

16.5.4. To reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise modify the website and other Content;

16.5.5. To sell, rent, lend, license, distribute, reproduce, spread, stream, broadcast, or use the Services or other Content otherwise than as permitted;

16.5.6. To use automated means to view, display, or collect information available through the website or Services; and

16.5.7. To use any other tools or means the use of which could cause any damage to Legacy Prop Trading.

16.6. The provisions of clause 16 are not intended to deprive the Customer of the Customer’s consumer rights, which cannot be excluded by law.

17.1. You acknowledge that the Services and other Content are provided "as is" with all their errors, defects, and shortcomings, and that your use of them is at your sole responsibility and risk. Legacy Prop Trading disclaims any statutory, contractual, express, and implied warranties of any kind, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of any rights, to the maximum extent permitted by mandatory laws.
17.2. To the extent permitted by mandatory provisions of applicable laws, Legacy Prop Trading is not responsible for any harm, including indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages, such as lost profit, loss of data, personal or other non-monetary harm, or property damage caused as a result of using the Services or relying on any tool, functionality, information, or other Content available in connection with the use of the Services or elsewhere on the Website. Legacy Prop Trading is not responsible for any products, services, applications, or other third-party content that the Customer uses in connection with the Services. In the event of Legacy Prop Trading's liability arising in connection with the operation of the Website or the provision of the Services by a court of justice or any other competent authority, this liability shall be limited to the amount corresponding to the fee paid by the Customer for the Services in connection with which the Customer has incurred the loss.

17.3. Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to modify, change, replace, add, or remove any elements and functions of the Services at any time without compensation.

17.4. Legacy Prop Trading is not responsible for failing to provide the purchased Services if that failure occurs due to serious technical or operational reasons beyond Legacy Prop Trading's control, in the case of any crisis or imminent crisis, natural disaster, war, insurrection, pandemic, a threat to a large number of people, or other force majeure events, and/or if Legacy Prop Trading is prevented from providing the Services as a result of any obligations imposed by law or a decision of a public authority.

17.5. The provisions of Clause 17 are not intended to deprive the Customer of any consumer or other rights that cannot be excluded by law.

18.1. You agree that all communication from Legacy Prop Trading or its affiliates regarding the provision of Services will be conducted through the Client Section or the email address you provide during registration. Communication via email, Live Chat, or through the Client Section is recognized as written communication.

18.2. Our primary contact email is, and our physical address is [Company Address], United States.

19.1. Should you breach any part of these GTC in a way that potentially harms Legacy Prop Trading, such as accessing services contrary to clause 16.3, providing false or outdated information against clause 2.3, harming Legacy Prop Trading's reputation, breaking demo trading rules as per clause 5.4, acting against clause 16.3, or engaging in activities mentioned in clause 16.5, Legacy Prop Trading may block your access to certain or all services, including the client section and trading platform, immediately and without compensation or prior notice.

20.1. As a consumer, you have the right to cancel a contract without reason within 14 days of signing (refer to clause 2.10 for agreement execution details). Note that starting demo trades before this period ends forfeits your right to cancel.

20.2. To withdraw, email us at within the time limit. We'll acknowledge your withdrawal promptly in writing. Upon withdrawal, we'll refund all fees received from you within 14 days using the same payment method.

20.3. Legacy Prop Trading may immediately terminate the contract if you violate any conditions outlined in Clause 19.

21.1. If our Services do not meet the agreed standards or are not provided, you can claim your rights for defective performance. Legacy Prop Trading does not guarantee service quality. Report any defects to us promptly at our email or the address in clause 18.2. You can request defect remediation or a reasonable discount. If the defect is irreparable, you may cancel the contract or demand a discount.

21.2. We aim to resolve complaints quickly (within 30 calendar days), confirming receipt and resolution in writing. If we fail to resolve within this period, you may cancel the contract. File a complaint via email to

22.1. Legacy Prop Trading reserves the right to modify these GTC at any time, effective immediately for new customers and new service orders by existing customers. Legacy Prop Trading will inform existing customers of changes via the Client Section or email. The Legacy Prop Trading Challenge and subsequent funded stages adhere to the GTC version valid at the time of ordering.

23.1. Legacy Prop Trading is committed to customer satisfaction. Please contact us with complaints or suggestions at our email or the address in clause 18.2. Our website also offers live chat support.

23.2. This clause applies only to U.S. consumers. In case of disputes, you may approach the appropriate authority in your country of residence.

24.1. Legal relations under these GTC or related non-contractual relations are governed by U.S. law. Disputes related to these GTC/agreements fall under U.S. court jurisdiction based on Legacy Prop Trading's registered office location.

24.2. Clause 24.1 does not deprive consumers of protections granted by relevant jurisdiction laws, including those in the U.S. or elsewhere.

25.1. Legacy Prop Trading has not adopted any consumer codes of conduct.
25.2. These GTC are a legally binding agreement between you and Legacy Prop Trading, superseding all prior verbal or written agreements on this subject.

25.3. These GTC do not limit legal claims from elsewhere in the GTC or applicable law. Non-enforcement of these GTC by Legacy Prop Trading or authorized third parties does not waive any rights or claims.

25.4. Legacy Prop Trading may transfer any claim under these GTC or related agreements to a third party without your consent. Legacy Prop Trading is authorized to transfer its rights and obligations under these GTC or any agreements to a third party, but as a customer, you cannot transfer your rights, obligations, or receivables under these agreements to a third party.

25.5. Should any part of these GTC be invalid, a provision closest in meaning to the ineffective part will replace it. Invalidity of one provision does not affect others. Past/future practices or industry customs not explicitly mentioned in these GTC will not be used for interpretation or form any party rights/obligations.

25.6. Schedules to these GTC are integral parts. In case of conflicts, the main text of these GTC prevails.

25.7. Parties have assessed potential risks of these GTC and accept them.

26.1. Definitions in these GTC:
26.1.1. "Client Section": the user interface on the website.
26.1.2. "Content": the website and all related services, including the Client Section, comprising all applications, data, information, multimedia elements, and other contents of the website and services.
26.1.3. "Customer": user of the services.
26.1.4. "Legacy Prop Trading Challenge, 2-Step Evaluation, 1-Step Evaluation": trading accounts tied to educational courses.
26.1.5. "Legacy Prop Trader account": a trading account linked to the Legacy Prop Trader program.
26.1.6. "Forbidden Trading Practices": prohibited practices detailed in Section 5.4.
26.1.7. "GTC": these General Terms and Conditions.
26.1.8. "Provider": service provider as outlined in clause 1.1.
26.1.9. "Schedules": Schedule 1 and other schedules part of these GTC.
26.1.10. "Services": services offered by the provider in clauses 1.1 and 1.4.
26.1.11. "Trading Platform": electronic interface for demo trading.
26.1.12. "Website": and its subdomains.

26.2. Expressions and abbreviations:
26.2.1. "Calendar day": midnight to midnight EST in the U.S.
26.2.2. "Initial capital": fictitious amount for demo trading in the Legacy Prop Trading Challenge.
26.2.3. "USD": United States Dollar.

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