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Refund Policy

Fulfilment Policy

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Fulfillment Policy:

Refund Policy:


At Legacy Prop Trading (LPT), we strive to provide transparent and fair refund policies for our Simulation Live Accounts. Please take note of the following refund policy:

  1. Challenge Fee Refund: Once your payment for the evaluation plan is officially confirmed, we will email you the login details to access your simulation live account. After you receive this information, we cannot issue a refund for the challenge fee.

  2. Refund Exception: In certain cases, we understand that you may require a refund. If you notify us early, and there are no trades placed on your simulation live account within the first 14 days from the confirmation of your payment, we may work with you to provide a refund. For assistance with this type of scenario, please contact our live support.

  3. Dispute Policy: Clients who improperly dispute charges will face legal action and will be banned from our platform. Chargeback fraud is a significant issue in the prop firm industry. Any traders who commit fraud through faulty chargebacks will have their names shared with other prop firms in the industry to ensure that bad actors do not have a lasting effect on prop firms.

  4. Refunds After Successful Completion of the Evaluation: We offer both a 1-Step and 2-Step program. For our 1-Step program, we do not offer refunds of the challenge fee. Traders are rewarded based solely on their performance during the funded stage. For our 2-Step program, we also do not offer any refunds.

Delivery Policy:

  1. Login Details: After your payment for the evaluation plan is officially confirmed, we will email you the login details to access your simulation live account. This will grant you access to our Simulation Live Accounts and the tools necessary to begin your trading journey with Legacy Prop Trading.

  2. Access to Trading Platform: You will receive access to the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform for Windows and MAC operating systems. Simulation Live Account holders maintain full control of their trading platform, and access is restricted to the trader only.

  3. List of Tradable Assets: You can trade a variety of assets, including major and minor currency pairs, commodities like gold and silver, as well as major indices. For specific details on symbol specifications, please contact us via email at

  4. Trading Styles and EAs: We support various trading styles, including scalping, day trading, swing trading, and the ability to trade during high-impact news events. Most Expert Advisors (EAs) are permitted, with some exceptions outlined in our terms. Simulation Live Account holders are responsible for using a stop loss within a 5-minute window for every trade to manage risk.

  5. Market Conditions: Please be aware that market gaps and slippage may occur during trading, especially in volatile market conditions. Simulation Live Account holders are responsible for adjusting their trading strategies and stop losses to manage these risks.

  6. Communication with Legacy Prop Trading: We communicate with our clients primarily through email, Discord, or Live Chat. It is essential to provide a valid email address for real-time correspondence. We may also use phone calls and Zoom as backup communication methods.

  7. Modifications: Any modifications to this Agreement will be communicated through the email address you provide. It is your responsibility to stay informed about any updates to the terms and conditions.

  8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, and any legal disputes will be resolved in the federal or state courts located in Texas.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this fulfillment policy. By participating in our Simulation Live Accounts, you indicate that you have read and fully accept the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us through the provided communication channels.

Legacy Prop Trading is committed to providing a supportive and transparent environment for traders, and we look forward to your successful journey with us.

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