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At LEGACY PROP TRADING, we offer a chance for skilled traders to demonstrate their expertise and potentially earn substantial profits using our capital. Our goal is to discover traders who display discipline, concentration, and a track record of profitable trading in financial markets. Take a closer look at our evaluation procedure and begin your path to triumph as a trader with our firm.

Step One

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One Phase

The One Phase Program is an ideal option for traders seeking to rapidly grow their capital. This program enables traders to obtain capital once they have met the trading objectives outlined in a single assessment.

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The Two Phase Program is designed for traders who exhibit consistent discipline in their trading approach. Upon successfully meeting the trading objectives in the first assessment, traders undergo a second assessment before being granted access to trading capital.

Two Phase

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Our evaluation process consists of straightforward assessments that aim to assess a trader's capacity to generate profitable trades using a combination of technical knowledge, discipline, and risk management skills.

Unlimited Days, 85% Profit Split, Bi-Weekly Payouts, No Spreads


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Your profits shouldn't take weeks to reach your bank account. At Legacy Prop Trading, we have the capital and investors to ensure that there are no delays when you request a withdrawal!

maximize your profits on our platform

Our trading solutions are unparalleled. Download MT5 on any device and begin trading with our low commissions and tight spreads.

our partner liquidty provider

Our Partner Liquidity Provider

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No Slippage

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Low Commission

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Low Spreads

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With our MT5 platform, traders can experience little to no slippage, which means that orders are filled at the expected price with minimal deviation. This feature enhances trading accuracy and ensures that traders can execute their trades with confidence, without worrying about unexpected price changes.



withdrawal on demand

Withdraw your profits generated while maintaining 85% of profits! The first payout is 30 days from the initial trading day after that you can withdraw bi-weekly!

our most asked questions

To find answers to your common questions, you can either check out our top FAQs here or click on the provided link to view our complete list of frequently asked questions.

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